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Our Development Plan

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Grade Your Day will be a personal productivity app that gives you a grade at the end of each day based on the habits and activities you’d like to reinforce or avoid. The app will help you achieve productivity through gamification, nudges, leaderboards, & analytics that generate insight. GYD will be your platform to integrate products & services related to self-improvement. Our purpose is to help our users create a carpe diem mindset and a better path toward personal growth.

GYD goes beyond habit tracking and streaks to give users a fuller perspective on their progress and productivity.  Sometimes you just can’t make that trip to the gym happen, but you can do other things to feel good about your day. Understanding how that trend plays out over a week or more can give you deeper insights about yourself, and offer a clearer path to changing your habits. Pitting good vs. bad habits offers a way to compete against yourself and gamify your day.  These are the fundamental ideas behind our app.

Users will define “Upgrades” (habits to reinforce) and “Downgrades” (habits to reduce and eliminate) when onboarding, and can edit them at any time. Upgrades might include going to the gym, spending time with family, or doing something good for others. Downgrades might be overeating, drinking caffeine, or staying up too late.

Users can decide their baseline grade to start the day (ex. 80 points). Users will receive notifications to select the Upgrades and Downgrades they performed during the day. Users will earn 5 points for each Upgrade and lose 5 points for each Downgrade they perform. They can choose to set reminders such as “How is your day going?” or “Raise your grade!” as a nudge to perform or avoid certain habits. Users will see their current grade for the day on the home screen.

A great feature of GYD will be the analytics showing user progress. GYD will show users their grade point average and Upgrade/Downgrade frequencies and trends along a custom timeframe (7, 30, 60, or 90 days). Users will also be able to set a GPA goal for the week.

GYD has enormous potential for growth. We want to migrate GYD to a cloud-based platform accessible across devices. We hope to integrate and partner with other self-improvement products and services such as Runkeeper, Weight Watchers, and Khan Academy. We also envision applying machine learning and wearables to the GYD platform. We would also like to partner with academic, health, and other organizations working to understand habits.

Check our app mockups below and our blog link above for more ideas on using and evolving our app. Please contact us at admin@gradeyourday.com to receive our detailed development plan and software specifications, or for any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you!

The following mockups are meant to convey the concept and functionality of the app. They are not the final design. We'll also incorporate social features and leaderboards into the initial version.

Users add Upgrades and Downgrades by clicking the “ADD” button at the bottom left. 

Free version will allow user to add five Upgrades and Downgrades respectively.  Premium version will allow users to define ten. 


Users can delete an Upgrade or Downgrade by grabbing the item and swiping left.  Deleted Upgrades/Downgrades will still exist in the archive for previous days. 


If a user selects a previous date on the Grade Your Day screen, they will see the Upgrades/ Downgrades active on that particular day. 

Users click on activities (combined Upgrades and Downgrades), creating a checkmark in the box next to activity.

The grade at the top right of the screen adjusts as the user clicks on activities. 

All activities may not fit on the screen.  Users will grab the activities and scroll down to show more.

User chooses date at top left of screen—current day is default.

If user clicks on date, a date scroll wheel will appear.  User can go back in time to fill in or adjust data from previous dates.

Previous dates will show check marks from user’s previous input (or blank if no input).

This is the first analytics screen available on the free version accessible by clicking on the “Statistics” button.

Users can define timeframe for the GPA trends by clicking on the “7 Days” at the top of the screen.  A scroll wheel will appear with 7, 30, 60, or 90 day options.

If a free version user clicks on the buttons for Upgrade/Downgrade stats, they will be prompted to upgrade to the Premium version.

The statistics buttons adjust based on which screen is displayed.  The current screen displayed will be shown indicated by the large bottom button with the green check mark. 

These stats show the frequency of users selected their Upgrades/ Downgrades during a chosen timeframe (7, 30, 60, 90 days) chosen at the top of the screen.

Upgrades/Downgrades will appear from most to least frequent.  Users will be able to grab the graph and scroll left and right to see all of the data.

If a user deletes an Upgrade/Downgrade it will still remain in this graph until it ages out of the chosen timeframe. 

These stats show the trends of users selected their Upgrades/ Downgrades during a chosen timeframe  chosen at the top of the screen.

These stats become valuable after 7 days, therefore, the timeframes available will be 30, 60, and 90 days.

Order of activities appear in same order as frequency data on previous screen.  Users can grab the graph and slide left/right to see more graph data.

If a user deletes an Upgrade/ Downgrade it will still remain in this graph until it ages out of the chosen timeframe. 

User chooses when new day starts by clicking on the time (default is midnight) and selecting from a time scroll wheel.

User chooses the grade to start the day by clicking on the score (default is 80) and selecting from a grade scroll wheel.  Grades are in 5 point increments.

User chooses GPA goal for the week by clicking on the grade and selecting from a grade scroll wheel.  Grades are in .5 point increments.

Users select up to three reminders by clicking on the phrases on the left and selecting one of the following options:

• None (no reminder is set).

• Grade your day!

• How is your day going?

• What are your goals today?

• Raise your grade!

• Avoid the Downgrade!


Users can click on time next to each phrase to select reminder timing from a scroll wheel.